curious leather crafts

Curious Leather Crafts, handmade with love

The finest
leather crafts

Handmade, production of footwear, bags and fashion accessories made of printed leather.

curious leather crafts

Imagine your own shoes

Our Team is here to get your imagination to reality

Curious Leather Crafts give you the possibility to customize your own design from bunch of available colors and patterns. 

Order high quality leather footwear, backpack, purse, belt or tie.

curious leather crafts
curious leather crafts

Design on your own

create magic with curious leather crafts

curious leather crafts

All of our clients could get help from our designing team

curious leather crafts
curious leather crafts

Choose from a bunch of beautiful patterns

Make your day

There’s many reasons why leather has always been a popular material to work with, including its durability, stylish appearance and versatility. Curious Leather Crafts products are completely hand crafted with utmost care paid to finish and detailing in our factory. If you’re looking for shoes that are smart, interesting and high quality, then you’re in the right place.

They all our products

People with passion can change the world for the better.

curious leather crafts

"Most amazing I ever had!!"

- Ana G
curious leather crafts

"Today my shoes and bag arrived, there is little to say that I am satisfied, I am over satisfied. Both are nicer than I expected."

- Jovana M.
curious leather crafts

"All praise, I proudly walk in my shoes. Speed, quality all for ten❤"

- Sandra V.
curious leather crafts

"Kind and patient for all my ideas and requests. The shoes are really quality and meticulous. My all recommendation!"

- Jana I.

Happiness is imagination.

Happiness comes from some CURIOUS adjustment to life.